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Basic Concepts 3D Solidworks

Basic Concepts • A SolidWorks model consists of parts, assemblies, and drawings. • Typically, you begin with a sketch, create a base feature, and then add more features to your model. (You can also begin with an imported surface or solid geometry.) • You are free to refine your design by adding, changing, or reordering features. • Associativity between parts, assemblies, and drawings assures that changes made to one view are automatically made to all other views. • You can generate drawings or assemblies at any time in the design process. • The SolidWorks software lets you customize functionality to suit your needs. • Click Tools, Options on the main menu to display the available System Options and Document Properties tabs. • The SolidWorks software saves your work for you. The auto recover option automatically saves information about your active part, assembly, or drawing document so you do not lose your work in case of a system crash. To set this option, click Tools, Options. On th…

The Workflow Customization SolidWorks

The Workflow Customization section of the Welcome To SolidWorks window allows you to hide and display tools, links, and menus items based on your usage of SolidWorks. You can select one, two, all, or none of the following categories:
Machine Design
Mold Design
Consumer Product Design
When you select an option in the Workflow Customization section of the window, the following changes will occur in your part document environment:
Machine Design  The Machine Design Overview, Machine Design Tutorials, and SolidWorks SimulationXpress links will be displayed on the SolidWorks Resources tab of the task pane. Sheet Metal and Weldments tabs will be added to the CommandManager. The Molds menu item will be hidden in the Insert menu. Draft Analysis, Undercut Detection, and Deviation Analysis will also be hidden in the Tools menu.
Mold Design  The Mold Design Overview, Mold Design Tutorials, and Import File links will be displayed on the SolidWorks Resource tab of the task pane. Surfaces and Mold…