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SolidWorks 2009 Basic Training Video Tutorial(Volume 1)

Product Description :
                  SolidWorks is the world's leading software for 3D parametric modeling. It is used by small to large companies in a variety of industries; expertise in SolidWorks is a must-have for most 3D engineers today. VTN is an official SolidWorks Solution Partner. We've been retailing high quality courses on Amazon since 2004. We've won YouTube awards and have been profiled by leading CAD journals. Built by expert 3D SolidWorks engineers, each video will give you helpful tips for achieving faster mastery of tools and functions in SolidWorks 2009. No wasted time, either: each lesson is concise and teaches you precisely how to use the SolidWorks command it covers. SolidWorks 2009 part files allow you to practice on your own and to build each model at your own pace. This SolidWorks 2009 Basic Training Video Course covers the following skill areas: Introduction, Interface, Basic Training, Sketching and Assembly. Part files included for Chapters 1-62…