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Adjustable Table Top

The idea of the adjustable top table was taken from my friend Dishita. She and her project partner are making this adjustable top table for disabled children. The table below was the first prototype.

Adjustable table top: First Prototype

Front view

The table that I first designed had two planks as the top, which slides on a rod connected to the frame. I thought that this design was taking too much material. So, for the next prototype, I reduced the material and made the two planks into one.

Adjustable top table: Second Prototype

Front View

Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA): Sample Exam Questions

Question 1.
Build this part in SolidWorks.
Unit system: MMGS (millimeter, gram, second)
Decimal places: 2. Part origin: Arbitrary
A = 63mm, B = 50mm, C = 100mm. All holes through all.
Part material: Copper Density = 0.0089 g/mm^рей

What is the overall mass of the part in grams?
b) 1280
c) 144
d) 1108

Sample Exam problem

The final result is to evalute the part.

That was the first part modeling problem in the sample exam, which gives you an idea about the exam.