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Solidworks Assembly Macros-I

Assembly Open

This macro will open the owning part or subassembly (if selected from the feature manager) of anything selected in an assembly.

Author:Ted Griebling

Version: N/A

Filesize: 8.20 KB

Added on: 05-Jan-2007

Category: Macros (VB6) / Assembly Macros

Assembly Selection Macros by handleman

Two macros for use in assemblies for improved selection abilities. One macro selects a component's assembly. The other selects all the components of the choosen assembly.


Version: N/A

Filesize: 17.77 KB

Added on: 02-Jun-2008

Category: Macros (VB6) / Assembly Macros


This macro will display the state (suppress/resolve/hidden/shown) of each component in the top level of the current assembly. When user selects a component, the user will see a preview of the component. The user can then change the state of the selected component.

Authors:Leonard Kikstra, Alastair Cardwell

Version: 1.00

Filesize: 19.55 KB

Added on: 27-Nov-2006

Category: Mac…